Winter Extreme Racers 1.34

Rally racing game that features a variety of different terrains and cars, aimed at teenagers

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    Racing games

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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    6.9 (42)

Winter Extreme Racers is a third-person racing simulator that lets players test their all-weather skills against each other in wintry tracks. Players start out with a small selection of winter-ready SUVs, but can unlock more by winning races and putting up good lap times. Racers will compete against each other in a battle of both wits and speed, as other competitors can change the race completely. A small and compact game, Winter Extreme Racers is an excellent choice for players new to the genre of extreme racing to help them decide whether they enjoy it.

Playing Winter Extreme Racers is a bit different from many mainstream racing games. Most focus on a regular track with speed as the main concern, but adding winter conditions and changing the cars to SUVs adds a bit of difficulty to the game, which is welcomed in such a tired genre. Customizing cars cannot be done to the extent most games have, but is still varied enough to keep the game interesting. Controls are easy, as well as setup, making the configuration of this game a breeze. What stands out about Winter Extreme Racing is that the player can actually get lost, though a compass is provided on screen in case of such an event.


  • Easily accessible. Players don't have to be racing experts to get enjoyment out of Winter Extreme Racers.
  • Proper depth. For its scope, Winter Extreme Racers has enough depth to make this a worthwhile investment.
  • Customizable. Races can be changed around to fit the player's needs.


  • Online play. Nonexistent, currently. The player may only race against NPC cars.
  • Graphics. Winter Extreme Racing's graphics may get the job done, but they certainly won't be pushing anyone's graphics card to the limit.

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